Who are we?

We’re just a trio of women who love to read and after many a heated discussion about things like who Stephanie Plum should end up with: Morelli or Ranger, decided to channel their literary snits in a more positive direction. Hopefully we’ll recommend some good books and save you from suffering through the bad.

Erin is 28 and, while not suffering over her own manuscript that she has been laboring over for, oh, about three years now, loves reading YA, chick lit, urban fantasy, and pretty much anything else in between.  Follow her at Goodreads and check out her blog.  You can also follow her on Twitter.

Janelle is a 28 year old (although if you ask her, she will lie and say 25…just go with it)  aspiring actress/grown-up with way too much time on her hands. Desperately clinging to her twenties, she spends her time reading mostly romance, chick lit, mystery and plays but she is always open to suggestions! Check her out at Goodreads, her blog, or on Twitter.

Daniela is your typical 23 year old female with a boring job and no significant summer plans. She asks that you kindly pass the Vitamin-D her way, because she’ll be spending the next three months indoors, reading. Follow her progress at Goodreads.

Would you like a book reviewed?

We’re open to reviewing almost any book.  If you are an author or publisher that would like a book reviewed, please send an email HERE. Any book we accept will be reviewed honestly and fairly.  Unfortunately, at this time, we are not accepting self-published books.